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Sold exclusively by invite only. So if you want to buy one you must first be invited to buy one or you can email me and tell me about past present and where do you seeing yourself within the next five years.

*BONUS QUESTION* THIS WILL BE IN in the interview via email.

What is the true meaning behind the the number 7.

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yo guys keep our new store it’s a temporary store until we get the real one up unfortunately we can only sell 5 items but we try to pick five of our newest items to. It even includes a gold watch that Crow made like I seriously other clothing brands do you know that are as small as us and are doing as much work as us please give us a chance I promise you once you put our clothes on you will feel like a million bucks and you won’t want to take them off when I first got my HBO shirt I literally slept in it for a month no joke I smelled like a hobo I slept in that shirt for a whole month bro Novi ice my wife when you smell like money



Welcome  to AETCHBASE 

AETCHBASE, blog, CARGA, clothing, Jake Paul, Logan Paul, Maverick Merch

If you found this way to this website that means that you are one of the Chosen Few who gets to know first about the rare Unique Designs that a tear and cruel are doing for their clothing company hbase and their Mothership carga this is clothing is only a limited edition each is the only 50-50 clothing made of each design so grab your hands on each design first and be the first and your peers to have HB shirt very unique very rare don’t take this opportunity lightly

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AETCHBASE clothing